Meet Two Queer Civic Leaders Using Data and Design to Improve Baltimore’s City Operations

Queer visibility remains vital for advancing LGBTQ rights and preserving the safety of folks who might identify as queer. This begs the question: How do we use our platform to raise the profiles and well-being of our LGBTQIA+ community in Baltimore beyond Pride Month?

A possible answer: We can engage in conversations with various queer individuals or groups in Baltimore or any of’s markets. These individuals hold a variety of interesting professional positions, all while navigating the intersection of queerness.

Roxana Beyranvand, a senior program manager in the Mayor’s Office of Performance and Innovation (OPI) within the City of Baltimore’s government, told of her fondness for Baltimore’s neighborhoods like Mount Vernon and Patterson Park — the latter of which is where her partner and one of her favorite restaurants, Little Donna’s, reside. Roxana, a multiracial professional and alum of Notre Dame University, acknowledged the earlier need to hide aspects of her identity and, inherently, her queerness at times to avoid what she called “professional barriers.”