Art Lovers Began Miami Art Week at Etra Fine Art’s “Beyond Sonorism”

On Sunday, December 3rd about 400 guests enthusiastically began Miami Art Week at the Opening Reception of “Beyond Sonorism” at Etra Fine Art, located in Miami’s Little River Art District. The multi-sensory experience transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Visitors are invited to delve into the fascinating realm of sound and its profound impact on our perception of the world. “Beyond Sonorism” will run through the end of January, by appointment only. Etra Fine Art, 6942 NE 4th. Ave. Miami, Fl 33138,

Alicia Restrepo, owner of Etra Fine Art, explains: “My basic idea is to open limits, to engage visitors in a sensory journey, where the visual and auditory elements harmonize, offering new perspectives and opening avenues for introspection and reflection upon the interconnectedness of different artistic mediums. The convergence of plastic art, paintings, sculptures, and sonic elements emphasize the significance of sound, as a fundamental element of our existence and as a catalyst for artistic expression.”

While viewing the exhibition of paintings and sculptures, guests read about and heard musical compositions by avant-garde composer, William Basinski, minimalist composer and pianist, Philip Glass, among others. 

Participating artists are Jacopo Ceccarelli aka 2501 (Italy), Betsy Stewart (Washington D.C.), Claudia Hakim (Colombia); Claudia Quacinella (Colombia); Andrea Dasha Reich (New York); Hugo Zapata (Colombia); Juan Raul Hoyos (Colombia); Lina Sinisterra (Colombia); Roberto Milan (Italy); Ronny Vayda (Colombia);  Titi Kerndt (Colombia); and Yigit Yazici (Turkey), among others.

Beyond Sonorism:  Miami Art Week/Art Basel Exhibition
Ends January 31, 2023. By appointment only.
Etra Fine Art
6942 NE 4th. Ave.
Miami, Fl 3313 917.370.2907

About Etra Fine Art

Now located in Little Haiti (Little River Art District) and previously rooted in the renowned Miami Design District for nearly 10 years and Wynwood for two years, Etra Fine Art focuses on representing and promoting a wide variety of mid-career and established international artists whose work represents modern and contemporary styles. The gallery exhibits paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photography, and installations that reflect progressive concepts while incorporating traditional and non-traditional materials. Because of its location at the crossroads of the Americas and Europe, Etra Fine Art has made it a priority to connect artists and collectors from both regions.

In addition to promoting and exhibiting artists, Etra Fine Art works with private collectors, corporations, and interior designers to build collections by researching, locating, acquiring, and installing an array of artwork.

Alicia Restrepo graduated in Economics first and Art later and has been in the art business since 1983. She was recognized as co-owner of one of the most important galleries in Soho in the eighties and nineties, before moving her business to Miami in the early 2000s.