Surefire Cyber Appoints Karla Reffold as Chief Product Officer

Cyber incident response firm Surefire Cyber announces today the appointment of Karla Reffold as Chief Product Officer. In this role, Karla will drive the company’s efforts to leverage its tech-enabled platform to deliver valuable data and relevant insights to clients, insurance carriers, and law firms.  Karla’s background in cyber threat intelligence positions her to drive Surefire Cyber’s strategy to help partners further define their data needs, develop the company’s cyber intelligence offering, and provide actionable insight that allows these partners to better manage risk across their portfolios.

Prior to joining Surefire Cyber, Karla spent the last three years as Chief Operating Officer at Orpheus Cyber, a leading cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating company. At Orpheus Cyber, Karla was responsible for driving profit, revenue, and efficiency across the organization while leveraging cutting-edge technology based on machine learning and data-driven processes. Karla has over 12 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, which includes founding two cybersecurity businesses and serving as board advisor to multiple cybersecurity organizations.

Surefire Cyber Founder and CEO Billy Gouveia said: “Karla joins our team with the goal of defining, developing, and delivering valuable data and actionable intelligence that aligns with our partners’ needs and enables them to manage risk and make informed strategic decisions. I am thrilled to work with her to deepen our insurance carrier and law firm partnerships as we leverage data to enhance our incident response and advisory capabilities.”

Karla said: “Cyber insurance leaders are increasingly making data-driven decisions across the policy lifecycle.  I’m excited to be joining Surefire Cyber as we help our partners acquire meaningful data and gain valuable insights.”

About Surefire Cyber, LLC.

Surefire Cyber delivers swift, strong response to cyber incidents such as ransomware, email compromise, malware, data theft, and other threats with end-to-end response capabilities. Surefire Cyber was founded to provide clients confidence by helping them prepare, respond, and recover from cyber incidents—and to fortify their cyber resilience after an incident.

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