Chantilly Startup NearStar is Developing a New Form of Energy Tech

In Chantilly, Virginia, five-person startup NearStar Fusion says it’s one to watch in the fusion energy space.

“No one has cracked the code completely on fusion yet, but we think that because of our expertise in plasma railguns, we have a unique approach that will get us there faster than the others,” CEO Amit Singh told

You might remember Singh from Asymmetrik, the Maryland analytics company. But earlier this year, he teamed up with NearStar’s founder and chief scientist, Doug Witherspoon, a plasma physicist. Witherspoon got the idea for NearStar while doing fusion experiments with HyperJet Fusion, NearStar’s sister company, and saw there was a chance to go beyond experiments and into something commercially viable. The company recently received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation and the Fairfax Founders Fund.