Cumulus Coffee Company Raises $20.3M in Seed Funding

The Cumulus Coffee Company, a NYC-based company advancing a solution for making premium cold brew at home, raised $20.3M in seed funding.

The round was led by Valor Siren Ventures and Valor Equity Partners, with participation from investors including Maveron, Howard Schultz, Linden Ventures, Carter Reum, and Ryan Tedder.

Led by Mesh Gelman, founder and CEO, Cumulus provides a cold brew compact machine which uses newly invented technology and recyclable aluminum capsules to deliver a 10-ounce cold brew, nitro cold brew, and a cold-pressed espresso in under 45 seconds at the push of a button. This proprietary brewing process means cold beverages are prepared without any ice, and the nitro cold brew is made without the need for a nitrogen gas tank. The coffee is also never exposed to heat, which allows it to retain its taste. Cumulus sources and roasts its own coffee and will introduce a variety of carefully curated flavor profiles.