How Mogul’s DC Founders Plan to Scale the Real Estate Tech Startup After an Oversubscribed $3.6M Seed Round

Real estate investment tech startup mogul, aka mogul club, just raised $3.6 million in a seed round — a cool $1.5 million more than its founders set out for.

AY Ventures led the round for the DC startup, with participation from Tim Draper & Associates, Draper B1, InterVest, Draper Drago, Blizzard Fund, and angel investors including US Treasurer Rosa Rios. Mogul was founded in 2021 by Alex Blackwood and Joey Gumataotao, both formerly of the Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Group, and has raised $4.2 million since then.

The mogul team created a platform where property ownership and investments are tracked and recorded with blockchain, with a goal of increasing security. Blackwood, cofounder and CEO, said this infusion is a departure from the company’s early days focused on building the initial technology together and working toward a common goal. Now, the team can focus on refining the product and execution.