Palantir Finds The Missing Ingredient For Their Secret Sauce

  • Palantir Technologies Inc. is reaching important inflection points in their business, poised for accelerated long-term growth.
  • The company reported strong Q3 2023 earnings, including significant deal closures and a 34% YoY growth in customer count.
  • Palantir is still in the early stages of its growth potential, with room for expansion in various industries and market penetration.
  • Palantir’s GTM Re-Design has proven to reduce the time for customers to choose to expand further in the platform as well as first time prospects choosing to adopt the technology.
  • The AIP Bootcamp Sales Model is allowing prospects to see the power of Palantir’s technology and enabling them to solve real world company problems in one to five days vs. months or years.

What Is the Goal of This Article?

As many of my readers know I am a long-term technology investor and hobbyist writer about stocks, who works full-time in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry. The first goal of this article is to educate