Urology Care Foundation Announces Kymora Scotland, MD, PhD as Recipient of the 2023 Rising Stars in Urology Research Award

The American Urological Association and the Urology Care Foundation—the official foundation of the AUA—today announced Kymora Scotland, MD, PhD, as the latest recipient of the Rising Stars in Urology Research Award. Dr. Scotland is an assistant professor in the Department of Urology, Division of Endourology, at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Rising Stars in Urology Research Award program was established in 2005 to encourage recipients to contribute to urology as surgical specialists and scientists investigating causes, prevention, treatment and cures that will improve patient’s lives. The research grant program provides up to five years of supplemental salary support to urologists who have successfully competed for career development awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other major funding organizations.

“Every year, the research showcased for the Rising Stars in Urology Research Award recipients become increasingly exceptional and pioneering, and this year is no exception,” said Steven Kaplan, MD, chair of the AUA Research Council. “Dr. Scotland’s research has the potential to impact numerous lives positively, and we are eagerly anticipating its future development.”

Dr. Scotland’s proposal aims to determine the role of bacteria in the growth of calcium-based kidney stones and the significance of bacteria to kidney stone disease. Nephrolithiasis (kidney stone disease) is increasingly prevalent, affecting over 35 million (11%) North Americans per year, and remains a serious health concern due to its association with severe pain, life-threatening infection, and potential damage to kidneys. Successful prevention requires a clear understanding of the mechanisms involved in stone formation, but the actual process of calcium stone formation is poorly understood. Dr. Scotland’s research hypothesizes that bacteria interact with calcium stones, and this interaction plays a key role in the propagation of the stones. During the 5-year Rising Stars in Urology Research Award, Dr. Scotland will investigate stone biofilm formation from bacteria to see whether this process contributes to kidney stone layering.

“Dr Scotland’s research can lead to advancements which improve health care worldwide for those with kidney stones,” stated Dr. Nagler, president of the Urology Care Foundation. “Every year, I find myself blinded by the bright light of our rising stars.”

Dr. Scotland earned her MD at Weill Cornell Medical College and her PhD in Pharmacology at the Weill Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences of Cornell University. She completed a urology residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and an endourology fellowship at the University of British Columbia. She is mentored by Gerard Wong, PhD., George O’Toole, PhD., Paul Boutros, PhD., and Margarett Pearle, MD, PhD.

For more information on the Rising Stars in Urology Research Award, visit: https://www.auanet.org/research-and-data/research-awards/aua-funding/rising-stars-in-urology-research-awards

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