Robin Unveils its New Analytics Platform

As the office continues to evolve quickly in the wake of the pandemic, businesses are grappling with how to best manage their workplaces in this new flexible work environment. Yet, most businesses still rely on gut feel and precious little data to answer one of the biggest questions facing organizations today: How can we increase office attendance and employee collaboration while still providing employee flexibility? Today, Robin, the leading workplace management platform, unveiled an industry-leading analytics offering that gives the power of enterprise-grade and customizable workplace intelligence to workplace managers everywhere.

Robin’s new workplace analytics platform changes the paradigm for workplace managers in the following ways:

  • Right-size office space using data to make decisions. By creating custom reports that were once only reserved for the largest companies, workplace managers can make data-driven decisions about how much space they need and how it should be used.
  • Build employee productivity and collaboration. By providing deep insights into how employees and visitors are using offices, workplace managers can use data to figure out what is and is not working in their workplace designs and initiatives.
  • Empower everyone to access workplace insights, no expertise required. Create reports and manipulate data in Robin’s native workplace intelligence tool, which features set-it and forget-it functionality. This will not only empower workplace managers to do their jobs better, but also save them countless hours trying to manipulate the data they do have.

“Most companies are still struggling to build and sustain in-office strategies that work for both employees and leaders,” Micah Remley, CEO, Robin, said. “You can’t fix what you don’t measure and analyze. Powerful analytics and custom dashboards eliminate the guesswork around office needs by providing leaders with actionable data to support the office of today and plan for the office of tomorrow.”

At a time when workplaces around the world are pulling all levers to see what works for employers and employees, Robin is delivering an invaluable resource to help mold data into tools for planning. Moving forward, Robin will continue to grow this groundbreaking solution, bringing in more data types and AI prompts for simpler reporting and decision-making. To learn more, please visit the Robin blog or join the Robin webinar, “Office Analytics 101: Planning for the Future.”

About Robin

Robin is the workplace management platform that streamlines workplace processes for enhanced in-office productivity. With industry-leading desk and room booking software, alongside intelligent workplace automation and analytics, our platform empowers your employees to reserve anything they need at the office. Since 2014, thousands of global organizations have trusted Robin for sustainable and scalable workplace optimization.

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