Can True Crime Stories About the Internet Keep Individuals Safe from Cybercrime?

If you were to visit the office of Joe Carrigan, a senior security engineer at Johns Hopkins University’s Information Security Institute (ISI), you’d notice a television screen displaying a looping slideshow. Among the featured content in the loop is a 2022 article from The New York Times, which recognizes his podcast for delving into discussions about the “dark side of the internet.”

That podcast is Hacking Humans, cohosted by Dave Bittner, who is also a producer for the pod by way of CyberWire, a B2B cybersecurity audio network. Hacking Humans focuses on the human side of cybersecurity problems.

“The idea of the Hacking Humans podcast is that it’s not a very technical podcast,” Carrigan said. We don’t talk about vulnerabilities, you know — we mention them tangentially, we mention them as necessary.”