Opening Day Surprise: Marilyn Mosby’s Now Describes Her Businesses as “a Professional Women’s Retreat Company”

After Marilyn Mosby’s side businesses were first disclosed by The Brew in 2020, she described them, in a statement to this website and later to others, as having a specific targeted customer and purpose:

“To help underserved black families who don’t usually have the opportunity to travel outside of urban cities, so they can vacation at various destinations throughout the world at discount prices,” Mosby, then Baltimore state’s attorney, wrote.

Mosby issued the same statement to Baltimore Inspector General Isabel Mercedes Cumming, requesting that Cumming investigate “reckless media reports” about her  businesses and out-of-town travel and (in the words of her former attorneys, Andrew Jay Graham and David Shuster) report back to the public “that your investigation has concluded she did nothing inappropriate.”