Can AI Improve Healthcare Outcomes? Aims to Find Out with Medical Partnership

Despite some cuts and its staff size shrinking from over 600 to 482, continues to specialize in AI-driven data analytics, cybersecurity and more for public and private clients across industries. A recently announced partnership with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia will further use one of’s AI-focused platforms.

That’s the company’s FutureFlow Rx Predictive AI platform. The partnership expansion will help enable Jefferson to create a “digital twin,” a virtual or digital replica of a real-world object, system or process.

“Strategically, the platform allows teams to run long-term forecasts anywhere from days to years into the future,” said Ryan Stenger, a marketing and communications representative for “Customers have complete control of their inputs and can test larger scale changes such as the impact to census, staffing and boarding if they were to grow a specific service. Or testing new patient placement algorithms and bed allocations to better level load future service level capacity and demand.”