Blue Zone Wealth Advisors Launches Secondaries Access Fund Through Glide Capital

Blue Zone Wealth Advisors, a multi-family office based in Los Angeles, and Glide Capital, a firm specializing in building and hosting customized alternative investment portfolios, today announced a partnership to provide Blue Zone’s wealth advisors and their clients with access to Glide’s unique structuring services. This partnership also marks the launch of Blue Zone Wealth Advisor’s Secondaries Access Fund, the first of a series of private alternative investment funds.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Blue Zone Wealth Advisors, a forward-thinking family office that understands the value of providing their clients with direct access to strategic and timely investments traditionally reserved for institutional investors,” says Mark Fitzpatrick, partner and co-founder of Glide Capital.

Glide Capital and Blue Zone Wealth Advisors both recognize a growing demand for alternative investments. “In the era in which the 60/40 portfolio was invented and popularized, most investors lacked access to anything but stocks and bonds to diversify their portfolios. Now, many more have the potential to incorporate alternative investments, as they should,” says Felipe Mendonca, head of Client Success at Glide Capital.

“For most private investors, the world of alternative investments has been one historically shrouded in mystery and characterized by exorbitant fees and lack of transparency. Direct and efficient access to timely alternative investments is crucial in capturing private market opportunities as they emerge and evolve,” says Judith Lu, CEO of Blue Zone Wealth Advisors.“We are delighted to expand our capabilities in this space with an experienced partner like Glide Capital, which now allows our private clients to invest alongside pension funds, endowments and sovereign wealth funds.”

About Blue Zone Wealth Advisors

Blue Zone Wealth Advisors, an independent Registered Investment Adviser headquartered in Los Angeles, embodies a unique blend of financial expertise, strategic thinking, and dedication to client satisfaction. The firm provides comprehensive family office services for high-net-worth families and individuals globally, emphasizing financial planning, tax planning, investment management, impact investing, and multi-generational education and planning. Through knowledge, clarity and purpose, Blue Zone Wealth Advisors endeavors to empower their clients and reverse engineer the longevity of a family’s financial life.

About Glide Capital

Glide Capital’s founders have been investors in private funds for over two decades, partnering up with many emerging fund managers who today are recognized as some of the industry’s largest and most established players. In 2015, Glide Capital was launched with the commitment of creating an alternative investment platform that would provide wealth management firms with a turnkey solution to offer their clients a diversified offering of private credit managers. Almost a decade into their launch, Glide Capital has nearly $1 billion in assets under management and has built more than 150 portfolios with our wealth management clients. The vision of Glide Capital struck a chord with numerous wealth managers who oversee billions of dollars in client funds. They saw the potential benefits and savings of joining the platform, including easier access and enhanced efficiency when dealing with alternative investment funds and products. By bringing together experienced leaders from the alternative investment industry and the independent wealth management community, Glide Capital has created a game-changing solution that empowers independent financial advisors to navigate and transact in the world of alternative investments. 

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