Parkview Dental Partners Receives Investment From Cathay Capital

Parkview Dental Partners, a Sarasota, FL-based dental service organization (DSO), received an investment from Cathay Capital.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to scale by acquiring new practices and adding ancillary dental services.

Led by CEO Will Schlotthauer, Parkview is a DSO that currently manages 22 dental practices that provide both general dentistry and specialty dental services. The company operates in the Southwest Florida market, characterized by population growth at 3x the national average, an aging population with higher dental care needs, and robust GDP growth. The growth in patients, dental procedures, dentists, and support staff in the company’s footprint is expected to be above the national average.

The transaction featured material rollover investment from Parkview’s existing management team, including Will Schlotthauer, CEO, and Dr. Kenneth Liszewski, Founder and Chief Development Officer, as well as prior owner Parkstone Growth Partners.