Watch’s Collab with Comedian-creator TaTa Sherise to Explain Local Elections

Many policy issues are dense, jargon-filled and just plain boring. Local elections in particular struggle with an unfair imbalance: Seemingly the more inscrutable the topic, the more important its effects.

We at confront it regularly. We cover deeply a narrow niche — entrepreneurship and tech careers — that has both outsized economic impact and can put you to sleep. Through the years, we’ve experimented with storytelling methods to get around this — from dispatching a comic-book illustrator to using gifs and memes to mixing in various media from audio documentarypodcast and video interviews.

One more approach has been on our list: Collaborate with a creator with a very different audience and voice than our own. It’s part of a new initiative of ours, and we’re thrilled to have our first such campaign. Happily, we didn’t have to go far to find our first collaborator. Some in the community will know well that our beloved operations manager, Na’Tosha Wyles, has a double-life — by night she is TaTa Sherise, a standup comedian and creator who has been called “the next hottest comedian to come out of Philly.”