A New Strategic Plan for ETC Baltimore has been Released

The Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) has been gradually implementing a transformation and disclosing its plans for its venture, the N. Haven Street-based Emerging Technology Centers (ETC Baltimore).

According to BDC President Colin Tarbert, the COVID-19 pandemic helped inspire a reevaluation of how ETC engages with its audiences and assesses the most effective ways to bolster Baltimore’s tech and entrepreneurship sectors. In response to these changes and to move beyond merely offering affordable coworking space, BDC kicked off a strategic planning process in the spring.

“I would say that the impetus for the strategic plan was that, sort of, there are two things. One was maybe not expected and the other one was expected,” Tarbert told Technical.ly. “One was the pandemic and kind of the shift of what it means to have a co-working space, and also what resources entrepreneurs need and just how the world is working post-pandemic. And then two was, or is, the fact that our lease at Haven Street is ending within a 10-year lease, which expires at the end of this month, which we also knew was coming. And so it was an opportunity for us to think about the ETC moving forward.”