iTech AG Promotes Laura Stash and Chris Cullerot to New Leadership Positions

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, companies often find themselves in need of exceptional leadership to navigate the path to success. iTech AG is excited to announce and celebrate a milestone that signifies the substantial growth of the company with the role transition of Laura Stash, Executive Vice President of Solutions Architecture, and the promotion of Chris Cullerot, Vice President of Technology and Innovations. These two outstanding individuals have made their mark in the world of technology and have now stepped into roles that will shape iTech AG’s future.

Laura Stash: Elevating iTech AG to New Heights

Laura Stash, previously the EVP of the National Security Market, has taken on a new and key role as EVP of Solutions Architecture. In this capacity, Stash will lead iTech AG’s Solutions Architect practice, responsible for designing and delivering technology solutions for sales and pre-sales activities across all markets.

This strategic move aligns with iTech AG’s commitment to establish the Solutions Architect practice in-house, ensuring seamless scalability. Stash is known for her unique leadership style that combines innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of the evolving tech landscape. Her ability to lead by example and drive her team towards excellence has been a game-changer for iTech AG. Stash’s leadership has led to significant achievements, including notable wins in technical proposal submissions at the EPA and DOJ, to name a few, as well as the cultivation of new and deeper partnerships with ServiceNow, Hyperscience, and other technology providers.

Stash is committed to enhancing the employee experience at iTech AG. She champions the integration of ServiceNow into the company’s internal toolset, which not only streamlines processes but also fosters the development of iTech AG’s own talent. Stash brings a proven track record in navigating complex challenges within federal government IT and financial services, along with her thought leadership in data, AI, and new ServiceNow offerings, to advance iTech’s portfolio. She excels in building strategic roadmaps, ensuring clients stay at the forefront of technology. Stash’s vision and hands-on approach position her as a driving force behind iTech AG’s continued success in providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Chris Cullerot: The Driving Force of Innovation

Additionally, iTech AG is excited to announce the promotion of Chris Cullerot from Director of Technology and Innovations to Vice President of Technology and Innovations. Since joining the company in April 2021, Cullerot has been a driving force behind securing and managing two major contracts, SBA and CCSQ, and has been integral to the company’s growth during this period. Cullerot’s leadership and dedication have been instrumental in establishing iTech AG as a trusted technology solutions provider for the federal government.

Under Cullerot’s dynamic leadership, iTech AG’s ServiceNow Practice has witnessed remarkable expansion. This includes an impressive 80+ ServiceNow mainline certifications and a team of 50+ certified technical consultants. Cullerot has not only contributed to the growth of the ServiceNow Practice but has also reinforced iTech AG’s position as a premier technology partner for government agencies. His knowledge spans crucial areas including cybersecurity, cloud, digital platforms, and strategic leadership of iTech AG’s internal technology resources and operations. Furthermore, Cullerot is a thought leader in cybersecurity and zero trust, providing invaluable insights that have earned iTech AG significant recognition.

A Bright Future Ahead for iTech AG

These new roles for Laura Stash and Chris Cullerot are not just milestones for iTech AG; they are indicators of the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. As iTech AG continues its journey towards growth and success, these two effective leaders will play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future as we work towards graduating from the 8(a) Business Development program.