Flatfile Acquires Chatcsv

Flatfile, a Denver, CO-based AI-assisted data exchange company, acquired Chatcsv, a Burnley, UK-based AI startup that turns contextual insight into CSV files and spreadsheets.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition closely follows the recent release of the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform, an extensible, API-driven platform for file-based data import. With the addition of ChatCSV’s capabilities, Flatfile enriches its existing features and strengthens its position in AI-assisted data exchange. Integration of ChatCSV in the Flatfile Data Exchange Platform is already underway with new features such as natural language search. Additional capabilities will be rolled out in the coming weeks. ChatCSV will also continue to exist as a stand-alone tool at chatcsv.co. After joining the Flatfile family all commercial ChatCSV plans are now free for all users.

ChatCSV provides an app that gives access to intelligent insight into imported data.  With high growth in just a few months since its release, the app already has thousands of users. From global enterprises such as Procter & Gamble and McKinsey to technology companies such as Zapier, Quora and Vimeo, companies use ChatCSV for quick, contextual insight into CSV files and spreadsheets.

Led by Founder and CEO David Boskovic, Flatfile is an AI-assisted data exchange that provides companies and their software development teams with a way to build the ideal data file import experience for their users. Companies such as AstraZeneca, Square, and Sage use its extensible, API-first platform to create enterprise-scale, intelligent, file-based data import solutions, increase developer productivity, reduce cost and improve data quality.