Coastal Bar, Grill & Chill Brings Gulf Coast Flavors To Roswell’s Dining Scene

Exciting changes are in the air for Roswell’s culinary landscape as the beloved Houck’s Grille transforms into the all-new Coastal Bar, Grill & Chill. This fall, food enthusiasts can embark on a delightful journey through Gulf Coast tastes and aromas as Coastal opens its doors in September in the current space of Houck’s Grille.

Jerome Stuart, the operations director of Coastal, explains, “Our vision for Coastal is to transport our guests along a captivating expedition capturing the essence of the Gulf Coast’s cuisine, beverages and culture. Imagine coastal living interwoven with the warmth of Southern hospitality. It’s a relaxed, inviting neighborhood destination, elevated by the ambiance of a beachside retreat and a menu that transcends expectations.”

Coastal is poised to offer daily culinary and beverage delights, punctuated by special events like Tuesday night trivia and live music performances. And for loyal fans of Houck’s, there’s no need to worry as Coastal’s menu will feature a medley of dishes that have won hearts over the past 35 years along with the s,ame owners, staff, and service guests have come to expect.

Stuart further elaborates, “Houck’s has left an indelible legacy of exceptional food, memorable moments and top-notch service. Coastal aims to build upon this legacy by introducing new culinary creations while paying homage to Houck’s classics. From the signature baby back ribs, which will now offer coastal nuances with options like island barbecue sauce and mango-habanero glaze, to the famous handmade fried shrimp that can be transformed into a delectable coconut shrimp rendition, our menu is a tribute to both tradition and innovation.”

Among the enticing additions, Stuart is enthusiastic about the “Ray Bob,” a Southern twist on the timeless Reuben sandwich as well as Mexican molotes, thin-sliced fried catfish served with gluten-free hush puppies, a modern take on a Southern favorite.

Coastal’s dedication to Houck’s heritage is manifesting in a celebration on Sunday, August 27, when founders Bill and Judy Houck will be front and center to retire the Houck’s concept and help launch Coastal. Attendees will get a sneak peek of Coastal’s new food and beverage offerings and can participate in a silent auction featuring Bill’s sports memorabilia adorning the restaurant’s walls. The proceeds from this auction will benefit local teams including the Roswell Hornets, Blessed Trinity Titans and the Fellowship Christian Paladins. The festivities commence at 4 p.m., accompanied by a live performance by Banks & Shane.

“Coastal is an evolution of the legacy that Bill and Judy initiated at Houck’s in 1986,” Stuart affirms. “It’s a collective celebration that honors their journey and ours.”

Anticipated to open its doors by mid-September, Coastal Bar Grill & Chill is located at 10930 Crabapple Road, Suite B120 in Roswell. For further details, including operating hours, kindly reach out to 770-993-8000.