Paola Gutiérrez Joins HLX+ as Chair of the Board

HLX+, a national Hispanic volunteer network unleashing a powerful movement across the nation, announced today its board leadership and regional presidents who will spearhead initiatives nationwide. Veteran journalist Paola Gutiérrez has been appointed to lead the esteemed board of directors as the organization formally introduces the Regional Presidents who will represent and oversee initiatives, programs and partnerships in their respective regions across key territories in the United States.

“Paola is a trusted, meaningful addition to HLX+,” said Nancy Rosado Santiago, Co-Founder | CEO of HLX+, TIME101 honoree. “Her love, commitment, dedication and exceptional ability to connect with US Hispanic audiences combined with her extensive experience in the media industry will undoubtedly help us build bridges of progress for our underserved communities across the nation. Paola’s community-driven thought leadership speaks to the heart of our changemakers vision bringing forth long-term sustainable impact towards our mission of powering progress.”

“HLX+ represents a fresh outlook for the Hispanic community and I am honored to be a part of a movement that seeks to create a meaningful and tangible impact in our underserved communities across the country,”” said Paola Gutiérrez, HLX+ newly appointed Chair of the Board of Directors. “As HLX+ forges new relationships and implements initiatives that have a direct beneficial outcome within these communities, I am particularly looking forward to the engagement and mobilization of our youth and their families.”

In addition to Gutiérrez’s appointment, HLX+ is proud to introduce Sofia Corcho, Chief of Staff, Vice President of Operations along with a robust network of regional presidents who will play a pivotal role in driving awareness, bridging local communities with progress and fostering key relationships within their respective regions. The expansive HLX+ network is now active across 31 cities and aims to grow representation across every city in the country this coming year.

Corcho, assuming the role of Chief of Staff and Vice President of Operations, is a seasoned professional known for her exceptional organizational skills and strategic thinking. With a proven track record of operational excellence, she will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of HLX+ impact initiatives across the regions. Her ability to streamline operations and foster a team culture of efficiency will enable the organization to deliver groundbreaking solutions effectively.

Joining HLX+ as Regional Presidents spearheading local activities is:

  1. Northwest: Ed Vargas – Vargas, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in mentorship, community to corporate connections and a deep understanding of the local market, will lead HLX+’s impact initiatives in the Pacific Northwest, ensuring the organization’s vision and mission meet the unique needs of Latinos in the region.
  2. West: Pam Covarrubias – Covarrubias, an accomplished, loved and respected, host of a Top 10 Latino Podcast, Café con Pam, brings her passion for mental health and community empowerment, and will oversee HLX+ impact initiatives in the western region. Her expertise in inspiring and motivating audiences will contribute to the organization’s growing success in this very significant time in history.
  3. Southwest: Jesse Martinez – Martinez, with a vast network, experience and strong background in the technology sector, will spearhead HLX+ initiatives in the Southwestern region. His strategic partnerships and commitment to the underrepresented will help drive growth and progress for the local Hispanic, Latino and Tejano community.
  4. Midwest: Marcia Moreno – Moreno brings a wealth of experience in Latino workforce development and a deep understanding of the Midwest market. Leading HLX+ initiatives in this critical growth region, she will ensure the organization’s programs and platforms align with the unique needs of Hispanics in the heartland of America.
  5. Southeast: Gabino Martinez – Martinez, an accomplished leader with experience in relationship management, will oversee HLX+ initiatives in the Southeastern United States. He will leverage his expertise to drive impact and awareness as well as establish meaningful local partnerships in this very significant region in the country.
  6. Northeast: Silvia Eilat – Eilat, a visionary leader with a passion for financial education and innovation, will lead HLX+ initiatives in the Northeastern United States, an important corridor to many organizations, companies and brands. Her empathetic-centric approach and strategic thinking will contribute immensely to the organization’s and community’s progress in this vital region of the country.

“With the combined expertise of this leadership team along with each region’s respective network , HLX+ is well-positioned to provide meaningful experiences and solutions to the underserved and underrepresented communities with the help and support of companies, brands and broader organizations seeking to authentically engage with Latino, Hispanic communities across the United States. We are the bridge -builders and change-makers and we are all looking forward to the valuable contributions, insights and impact the organization will bring to our country,” said Edgar Carreon, Co-Founder | CFO of HLX+.

Both, the appointment of Paola Gutiérrez as Co-Chair to the Board of Directors and strategic structure of regional presidents highlights HLX+ commitment to powering up the progress of US Hispanics, maintaining a strong focus on delivering community impact.

HLX+ promotes an inclusive safe space that welcomes people from all backgrounds to learn, celebrate, and engage with the Hispanic community. By promoting understanding, appreciation, and recognition, this national network aims to foster unity, pride and break down the systemic barriers that hinder progress.

While the upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th to October 15th), is a time to recognize and honor the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos in the United States, HLX+ invites all to engage and connect with its Co-founders and Regional Presidents to support existing or identify new opportunities to create tangible positive impact, leveraging the authentic voices of our communities during this time and beyond.

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About HLX +:
HLX+ is a national network of volunteers working together to create sustainable and impactful initiatives, while celebrating the richness and diversity of the Hispanic community. Through the creation of safe spaces, spotlighting inspiring stories, celebrating cultural showcases and providing educational resources, HLX+ aims to promote unity, encourage understanding and recognition and empower progress for the Hispanic community nationwide, with a special intentional focus on letting the youth know they are not alone. There’s a national network mobilizing for their progress. For more information visit,