California Olive Oil Council Promotes Excellence and Authenticity in Olive Oil Production

The California Olive Oil Council, the leading organization dedicated to promoting high-quality, authentic California-grown extra virgin olive oil, is proud to announce its continued commitment to the highest standards of excellence and the promotion of the state’s vibrant olive oil industry.

The COOC has served as the voice of the California olive oil community for over three decades and remains steadfast in its mission to educate consumers, support local producers, and uphold the highest standards of olive oil production.

A Seal of Excellence and Quality

By adhering to the council’s rigorous certification program, California olive oil producers can proudly display the COOC Seal, a symbol of excellence and authenticity, on their products. The COOC seal serves as a beacon of trust and integrity for olive oil enthusiasts, chefs, and producers alike, ensuring that every bottle of California olive oil meets the strictest quality standards.

With an unwavering focus on consumer education, the COOC continues to raise awareness about the health benefits and superior taste of California olive oil. Through its educational programs, including tastings, workshops, and online resources, the COOC empowers consumers to make informed choices and appreciate the unique characteristics of California olive oil.

Supporting Local Producers, Educating Consumers

The COOC also plays a vital role in supporting California olive oil producers, both large and small, by providing resources, technical assistance, and a platform for collaboration. By fostering a sense of community and shared knowledge, the COOC promotes sustainable practices, innovation, and the continued growth of the state’s olive oil industry.

“As the demand for high-quality olive oil continues to rise, the COOC remains committed to ensuring that consumers can trust the products they purchase,” said Todd Sanders, COOC Executive Director. “We are proud to support our local producers, who work tirelessly to craft exceptional olive oil that reflects the unique terroir and dedication to craftsmanship found in California.”

The COOC’s efforts have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, positioning California as a leading olive oil-producing region. With its Mediterranean climate and diverse microclimates, California offers an ideal environment for growing a variety of olive cultivars, resulting in oils with distinct flavors and characteristics.

Support California-grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The COOC invites consumers, industry professionals, and olive oil enthusiasts to join them in celebrating the excellence of California olive oil. By choosing COOC-certified olive oils, consumers can experience the unparalleled taste, quality, and authenticity that the state has to offer.