Q&A with Denis Haxhija, Graduate of Manhattan College

Denis Haxhija is a lifelong resident of Riverdale, what he calls the hidden gem of NYC. He is a recent graduate of Manhattan College, and managed studying business and real estate while working part-time for Brown Harris Stevens. With his ever-present enthusiasm, he has been power networking and learning a ton about the business of real estate along the way.

CoreNet’s relationship with real estate up-and-comers is going strong in 2023! As outreach with college students in NYC continues, both CoreNet and the students reap benefits from the association. This year’s scholarship recipient is Denis Haxhija.

Q1: What has been your favorite CoreNet Student Event to attend?

CoreNet is amazing at organizing tours of all the latest exciting skyscrapers in the City.Our most recent tour was incredible. We saw 1 Vanderbilt, 1 Penn Plaza, and 50 Hudson Yards. We were shown around the projects by the developers, who were able to share amazing details. The students in the group were from NYU, Columbia, Baruch, and of course my school–Manhattan College. Not only did we get to see some of the city’s biggest and newest projects, but we were also able to meet other students interested in real estate and the developers themselves. It was a really great experience.

Q2: What kinds of events did you have on campus for the Real Estate club?

Well, believe it or not, I organized a panel for our Women In Real Estate subgroup. I was really lucky to land Bess Freedman, the CEO of Brown Harris Stevens, to come to speak with us. I was shocked when I heard back from her–most people are too busy, but she was so gracious, and we had a really fantastic event. Plus I even got my job out of it! Honestly, my biggest takeaway from getting a CEO to come to our school is “Never Say Never”. The ball is in your court–you can be intimidated asking, but if you don’t ask, you can’t get!

Q3: So that’s how you landed your job at Brown Harris Stevens. How do you like it so far?

I love it. I love the people. They are so welcoming. I work with Matthew Hughes who is a top NYC broker, and he has been a tremendous mentor to me. Every day I learn something new. I attended their huge 150th Anniversary party and had such a terrific time. It was nice to see the many familiar faces from all over the country, and it was just so celebratory and warm.

Q4: Last question: What’s your favorite corner of NYC and what do you like to experience there?

That’s easy. I’m a huge fan of Arthur Avenue – better known as Bronx Little Italy! I love all the Italian and Albanian food there! I’m Albanian, and I love that I can go to Albanian shops there. My favorite annual event, which everyone should attend, is the Ferragosto Festival. The music, the dancing, the grilling, everything is a blast right out on the Avenue. I was even featured on the cover of the calendar for 2022!