JRM Construction Transforms Galaxy Digital’s Office Space Synonymous to its Lively and Innovative Environment

JRM Construction Management is delighted to announce the completion of Galaxy Digital’s vibrant office space in Battery Park City, New York. The project, designed by Young Projects, breaks away from the corporate mold and infuses the space with a playful personality that reflects the unique culture of Galaxy Digital, a leader in digital asset and blockchain technologies.

Galaxy Digital’s new 36,000-square-foot office represents a departure from traditional workspaces. The project features highly curated architectural elements, including the elevator vestibule, lobby entrance, work café, and central offices. Young Projects’ thoughtful design choices, implemented by JRM Construction, have transformed the space into a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and a sense of liveliness.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Galaxy Digital on this exciting project, which marks a significant milestone for both JRM Construction and our client. Young Projects’ innovative design, brought to life by JRM Construction, aimed to create an office space that inspires collaboration, sparks innovation and fosters creativity. By infusing the design with a playful personality specific to Galaxy Digital, we have achieved a remarkable transformation,” said David G. McWilliams, CEO of JRM Construction.

The captivating elevator lobby is one of the standout features that propelled this project to win the prestigious 2023 NYCxDesign Award for Best Tech Office. Its low-resolution media ceiling displays text from cryptocurrency’s founding document, scrolling across the screen in a Star Wars-style crawl, making it an instantly recognizable and immersive experience.

JRM Construction, implementing Young Projects’ design, employed a series of design strategies to achieve the desired outcome that brought a fresh perspective to the office. Using lighting, semi-transparent metal chains, and tactical signage created a visually captivating experience while promoting transparency and encouraging idea-sharing between different teams and departments.

The project’s centerpiece is the stunning lobby area, where JRM Constructionand Nathan Frey Plasterinnovated cast plaster panels with a non-repetitive pattern and monolithic relief, serving as a bold statement, embodying the vibrant personality of Galaxy Digital.

Geometry played a pivotal role in defining the space and enhancing its liveliness. By incorporating color and materials strategically, the project used projected geometry to guide employees through the open office plan, creating dynamic pathways and reinforcing the sense of a connected and collaborative environment.

JRM Construction’s commitmentto realizing the client’s vision has resulted in an office space that inspires and energizes employees while reflecting the forward-thinking culture of Galaxy Digital.

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