Tesla: Conglomerate Building A Sustainable Future, At An Unsustainable Discount

  • Tesla, Inc.’s business model marks it as a highly sustainable technology conglomerate, yet its lucrative and multifaceted business operations are not being properly valued by the stock market.
  • Using reasonable estimates of Tesla’s likely revenue and profit from sales of products and services in various markets, I calculate that Tesla’s 2030 EPS will be ~$409 per share.
  • Due to the market’s severe undervaluation of Tesla’s stock relative to 2030 estimates, I strongly recommend that all long-term investors buy and hold Tesla’s stock through 2030 and beyond.


Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) is, in some ways, a difficult company to describe. It makes cars, and most of its revenue comes from vehicle sales, so it would be easy to simply call it a car company. Yet for a car company, it