Hyundai’s AI-Powered Robots Will Redefine The Future

  • Joe Rogan, American podcast host and comedian, expressed concern over the development of humanoid robots, particularly Kengoro, which can sweat to cool down.
  • Robots developed by Boston Dynamics, such as Atlas and Spot, have potential applications in military, law enforcement, emergency services, logistics, inspection services, agriculture, healthcare, and domestic services.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, decision-making algorithms, Internet of Things, and robotics process automation could enhance the capabilities of these robots, potentially making many human professions obsolete.


In this comprehensive analysis, I delve into the transformative potential of the merger between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Boston Dynamics, propelled by Hyundai’s (OTCPK:HYMTF) pioneering vision. This fusion holds the promise to revolutionize robotics, amplifying their