America’s Hotspots For New Home Listings

New study reveals the states with the highest rate of new home listings

  • Florida tops the list with 20,665 new home listings per 100,000 properties.  
  • Idaho, South Carolina, and Nevada also ranked high.  
  • Over 400,000 new properties enter the market across America each month.  

While aspiring American homeowners struggle over limited stock, rising prices, and soaring mortgage rates, some states nationwide are proving increasingly popular for sellers.

Luxury real estate experts Los Feliz analyzed the volume of new property listings in each state from January 2020 until June 2023, revealing which states had the best availability rate of new homes per 100,000 households.

Florida topped the list, accumulating 1.7 million new property listings over the period at a rate of 20,665 per 100,000 homes. On average, homebuyers in the sunshine state have access to 42,365 new listings per month. This news comes as Florida was named the worst place for inflation in the United States according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with Miami and Tampa ranking in the top three for highest inflation across the country.

Idaho took second place, with 19,427 new home listings per 100,000 properties. Homeowners in the state have been some of the most active on the property market over the last three years. June 2022 proved the most popular month to sell property in Idaho, with 4,958 homes entering the market. During this period, the median listing price was $584,995, just short of the peak housing boom median of $604,995 in May 2022.

South Carolina ranked third for new property listings, totaling 377,328 since January 2020 at a rate of 18,406 homes per 100,000 households. With lower housing prices and a reduced cost of living compared to the national average, South Carolina is becoming an increasingly sought-after destination for many homebuyers. On average, 8,934 new homes are listed in the state every month.

Nevada and Utah rounded out the top five with 18,406 and 18,162 new home listings per 100,000 households, respectively. Buyers seeking new property investment can access an average of 5,152 new listings a month in Idaho, with around 4,636 available in Utah.

Ranking State New Property Listings Jan 2020 – June 2023 Total housing units Rate of new home listings per 100k
1 Florida 1,770,030 8,565,329 20,665
2 Idaho 134,798 693,882 19,427
3 South Carolina 377,328 2,049,972 18,406
4 Nevada 216,380 1,191,380 18,162
5 Utah 194,694 1,101,499 17,675
6 Colorado 407,634 2,313,042 17,623
7 Arizona 489,450 2,817,723 17,370
8 Georgia 653,708 4,001,109 16,338
9 Delaware 62,582 395,656 15,817
10 Tennessee 430,422 2,770,395 15,536


Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Delaware, and Tennessee topped off the list of states with the highest rate of new home listings.

New property listings appear most frequently in the South and West of America, with no Northeast or Midwest states ranking among the top spots. Those living in the South have the most average new listings available per month with 172,280. In comparison, 89,644 new monthly listings are launched on the market in the East, with 82,669 in the Midwest and 58,285 in the Northeasterly states.

A spokesperson from Los Feliz commented on the findings: “While the number of new property listings have fallen since a rise in market activity last year, an average of 412,327 new property listings are still available to American buyers each month.”

“Some buyers are choosing to bite the bullet and sell while inflation rates are sky-high, while others are searching for housing in lesser populated areas to help survive the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.”