Successful South Florida Attorney, Entrepreneur Brett Amron Knows How To Keep Business On Task Even While Going Off Grid

Brett Amron, co-founder of successful South Florida law firm Bast Amron, recently returned from a two-week adventure to Nepal in which he was totally disconnected from the office, but knew that progress on cases and other important client work was continuing smoothly.

The key to his firm staying on task while he went off-grid trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp was meticulous preparation with a trusted team of partners, associates, and staff.  This included blocking off the dates more than a year in advance and developing detailed action plans for the team and firm to manage well in any contingency.

Amron is a frequent adventurer but usually makes sure to have connectivity to the office, even in the most remote regions. Among other action and adventure travels, he has completed a half-marathon in Iceland, hiked the Salkanty Trail through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu, Peru, and trekked across Patagonia in Argentina and Chile.

For the Nepal journey, he turned off and even directed his team not to “cc” him on emails so he wouldn’t have to slog through an overflowing inbox upon his return.

Instead, Amron directed his team to provide summaries of projects and progress that he could review while on the long return trip to Miami. “So, on ‘day one’ back in the office, I was totally recharged from focused, inspiring adventure, but fully caught up on work and ready to go.”

Amron credits a great team and company culture for giving him the confidence to make such a clean break, especially law firm co-founder Jeffrey Bast.

Amron and Bast formed the firm in 2009 with four attorneys and three staff, and now lead 14 lawyers and 25 total team members specializing in business insolvency and litigation.  The firm and partners support numerous local charities, with extensive contributions and pro bono work for Dade Legal Aid and Legal Services of Greater Miami. The firm also hosts and underwrites an annual Business Advantage Forum (with proceeds donated to charitable causes) dedicated to sharing best practices with their peers for how to build and maintain a more diverse and inclusive workplace while being progressive stewards for their community.

The firm’s insolvency practice emphasizes workouts, restructurings, liquidations, bankruptcy, and bankruptcy avoidance.  Primarily plaintiff-oriented, Bast Amron represents debtors, creditors, committees, trustees, and other fiduciaries in bankruptcies, receiverships, and assignments for the benefit of creditors.

The partners have earned success and a far-reaching reputation while guiding clients through all aspects of insolvency and commercial litigation in state and federal courts across the country.

Amron and Bast also team up on The Practice Podcast and have recorded more than 100 episodes interviewing a wide variety of leaders in business, law, government, and other sectors to help organizations run more effectively and to better serve their clients and communities.

With a similar mission, both Bast Amron founders are members of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida (EO SOFLO).

EO SOFLO is one of the world’s largest EO chapters, with 300 business owners who share peer-to-peer experiences, support one another and foster entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

EO SOFLO member companies account for more than $3 billion in yearly revenues and 11,000 jobs in the tri-county area.

Amron and Bast have been members of EO since 2015, and say the group has been very beneficial in growing their practice and achieving work/life balance and goals.

“EO is a fantastic organization for business owners to share experiences, learn from and support one another, and grow both professionally and personally,” Bast said.

Amron said he has learned to “take a deep breath” with his extreme adventures across the globe. “It’s critical to work hard and keep your focus on your goals, but also enjoy the ride. When you get away and take time for yourself, it will help you be a better leader.”

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