Panorama Education Acquires Mesa Cloud

Panorama Education, an education technology company that helps students achieve academic success and well-being, today announced the acquisition of Mesa Cloud, a graduation management system that ensures students are on track to receive a diploma.

The acquisition enhances Panorama’s suite of offerings, which allows schools or districts to clearly see needs at a local level and then implement the interventions, tools or systems to improve learning and well-being. Incorporating Mesa Cloud’s offering builds on how Panorama enables the measuring of student performance and providing support throughout a student’s education journey, from elementary school to graduation.

Mesa Cloud’s technology helps districts reach their graduation goals by automatically monitoring and flagging all off-track students. Mesa’s daily transcript scans pinpoint the reason students are off-track, making it easier for districts to help students stay on course for graduation. High school counselors, who on average each support over 400 students, have historically monitored students’ progress toward graduation requirements by hand. This manual process includes first noticing that a student is not on track to graduate, identifying the reason, and then taking action to assist the student.

Mesa Cloud’s platform found that unrecognized mistakes, like transcript or scheduling errors, impact around 25% of all high school students on the first day of school. Administrative errors like this, if left undiscovered and unresolved, can result in students not graduating on-time. Delayed graduation substantially reduces the likelihood that the student will ever enroll in college. In 2022, Mesa Cloud identified and helped counselors resolve over 500,000 transcript errors across 40 school districts that could have otherwise affected on-time graduations, highlighting the effectiveness and importance of this tool.

“Mesa Cloud eliminates the prior system of manually checking hundreds of transcripts, allowing counselors and administrators to focus on helping students prepare for postsecondary education or career options,” said Aaron Feuer, CEO of Panorama Education. “We’re thrilled to offer this technology to school districts, freeing up limited resources that are necessary to help students overcome some of the serious learning and behavior issues students are struggling with today.”

Mesa offers technology aligned with state graduation requirements that conducts daily scans analyzing student transcripts and schedules against those requirements — tracking the details, complexities and nuances of local graduation pathways. The tool is currently available in FloridaTexasCaliforniaMississippiNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaWisconsin and Alabama. Following the acquisition, Mesa Cloud by Panorama will look to expand into other states.

“Panorama Education is the perfect partner to provide our technology to a growing number of districts and accelerate our mission of increasing graduation rates across the country through helping districts ensure every student is on the path to graduation,” said Co-Founder of Mesa Cloud, John Kennedy. “Mesa Cloud’s technology integrates seamlessly with district systems and counselor workflows, moving graduation planning from binders and spreadsheets to the cloud.”

Panorama Education and Mesa Cloud operate under stringent data safety principles. These include implementing administrative, technical, and physical security controls designed to protect information stored on Panorama Education’s U.S.-based servers. Panorama Education also recently signed the Student Data Privacy Pledge, continuing to support the effective use of student information and safeguard student privacy and information security.

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About Panorama Education
Panorama Education is an education technology company founded in 2012 that helps students achieve academic success and well-being, and gives schools and school districts a platform to hear what families, students and teachers need in the classroom. Educators use Panorama Education’s software platform to understand and support students across academics, attendance, behavior, and social-emotional learning. District leaders use the same platform to track progress toward strategic goals, such as literacy, graduation, and school safety. Panorama Education is proud that its platform is used to support 15 million students in 25,000 schools, 2,000 districts across the United States.

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About Mesa Cloud
Founded in 2017 by an educator and a student, Mesa Cloud is a graduation management system that prevents students from slipping between the cracks due to transcript, schedules, and other data errors. By automating student tracking, Mesa Cloud provides a digital safety net for students, delivering districts an always-on alternative to manual efforts to find, flag and fix errors that jeopardize a student’s trajectory. By automating what can be automated, Mesa Cloud frees counselors to spend more time on the precious work that cannot be.