Ruth Reffkin Joins Forces with the Social Media Savvy Garson Team

Robert Reffkin and Ruth Reffkin

In a move that celebrates the power of collaboration between real estate agents with different skill sets and across generations, Ruth Reffkin, esteemed industry veteran and mother of Compass CEO Robert Reffkin, is set to join forces with the Garson Team led by Ryan Garson. Ruth Reffkin’s remarkable journey as a single mother, raising Robert and inspiring his vision to establish the largest residential real estate company in the U.S., adds a deeply personal dimension to this partnership. With her extensive experience in the industry and a successful track record of buying and renovating homes, Ruth brings invaluable people skills and a keen ability to negotiate deals.

Ryan Garson, the dynamic leader of the Garson Team, is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and his influential presence in the social media space. Apart from achieving impressive sales figures, Ryan also owns Very Social, a dynamic social media agency specializing in bolstering the brands of real estate professionals nationwide.

“In today’s rapidly evolving real estate landscape, innovation and adaptation are essential,” states Garson. “By welcoming Ruth to our team, we combine the wisdom of a seasoned agent with my tech-first approach, resulting in enhanced client experiences, increased efficiencies, and ultimately, greater success for all involved.”

Garson’s remarkable accomplishments as a team leader, overseeing operations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, include brokering over $400 million in sales. He sets himself apart through his innovative and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, seamlessly blending his passion for real estate with tech-driven solutions. His ownership of Very Social, a preferred vendor for Compass, reinforces his commitment to leveraging digital tools to revolutionize the industry.

Ryan Garson

Recognizing the potential for collaboration with experienced agents like Ruth, who possess a wealth of industry knowledge, a deep understanding of market trends, and well-established client relationships, Garson aims to merge his tech-savvy strengths with her expertise.

Ruth Reffkin is renowned for delivering exceptional value to her clients, employing an approachable, financially savvy, and highly empathetic perspective. Her experience and wisdom, coupled with Garson’s innovative mindset, promise to redefine the real estate landscape and elevate client satisfaction to new heights.

“I am excited to join forces with Ryan and embark on the next chapter of my real estate journey together,” said Reffkin. “Together, we will leverage the power of social media and authentic connections to serve our clients best.”

Reffkin’s strong entrepreneurial acumen inspired Robert’s vision to establish a company that prioritizes solutions to simplify agents’ lives. He often attributes his people skills and ability to connect with others to his mother, qualities that Ruth now brings to the Garson Team.