Former Under Armour Innovation Designer Nick Cienski Starts Medical Apparel Brand

Baltimore based Kyūr® (Cure) launches the most technically advanced scrubs.

Nick Cienski who designed the Space Kit for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic/Under Armour inaugural flight to space (2020), now brings his innovation and design expertise to disrupt the medical apparel industry. Kyur® (Cure) is the first premium medical apparel brand to approach “scrubs” from the science perspective of elite athletes, mountaineers, polar explorers and astronauts who depend on their gear to excel in their environments.

Our first collection is centered around three highly innovative fabrics in three styles; each uniquely designed to maximize comfort, protection and performance—no matter the medical environment.

  • Base Layer Top: ½ sleeve using custom-made thermoregulating + odor repellent + antimicrobial fabric that increases users’ performance by 28%.
  • Scrub Top: A hybrid stretch/highly protective construction with fabric that passes FDA Level 2 Certification.
  • Scrub Pant: 10 pocket utility pant that is extremely durable and comfortable made from military spec fabric used by U.S Military and professional football teams.

Simply put, I wanted to start a brand that disrupts the medical apparel industry, which is why we obsess over the aesthetic as much as we do over every feature and fabric, and actually making the best scrubs in the world—right here in Baltimore.” Founder Nick Cienski. Kyūr®products are sourced and made in America. In fact, all of our products are named after streets in Baltimore and our base layer tops are made in downtown Baltimore.

What doctors are saying:

The Addison ½ sleeve is a great under shirt. I travel and work in rural environments and I have worked in it several days in a row. It remains odor free, breathes and helps keep me from overheating.” Brian A., Emergency Physician/Outdoor Enthusiast

Layering is the key to staying comfortable; managing our microclimate on the surface of our skin, which is why we spent two years developing DELTA our base layer fabric. Partnering with Colorado-based 37.5® Thermoregulating technology, that Nick first used on his 9-month Himalayan Mountain climbing expedition, delivers a level of comfort to medical professionals not seen in the industry today.

The average medical professional purchases 10+ sets of scrubs a year. Our focus on extended durability and quality construction ensures that each garment is built for longevity. Customers need fewer items and so reduce waste and minimize our impact on the planet. Our DURATEX fabric is made to military specifications. By comparison, a typical 7.5oz denim has a tear strength of between 3-5lbs. At 5.5oz, DURATEX has a tear strength between 99-135lbs; stronger, lighter, more breathable and stretches like a dream—and is water repellent.

Kyūr®scrub tops are made with our CATALYST protective fabric on the front. CATALYST meets the exacting AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) Standard and is AMSI/AAMI PB70 Level 2 certified. CATALYST offers the same level of protection found on Level 2 surgical gowns. This four-level rating provides standards for liquid barrier protection and is recognized as the consensus standard for surgical gowns by the FDA. Our fabric continues to perform even after 70+ launderings.

Kyur® styles are designed to work together as a system because dressing correctly for the job is a performance matter.

I’m tired of wearing pajamas to work. Make me look like the professional I am.” Las Vegas Emergency Physician.

For too long industry players have been trying to achieve the lowest possible price point. But what they overlooked was the fact that First Responders NEED high performance gear so they can do their life-saving work.

Which is why instead of starting another low cost, fast-fashion scrub brand that we could mass produce in Asia, we are choosing to focus on creating highly technical collections with a modern style, right here in the U.S.” Founder Nick Cienski.

About Kyūr

Kyūr® was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2021 with the aim to design, innovate and manufacture world-class premium medical apparel for the modern age. Find out more at