Former Microsoft Chief Knowledge Officer Jean-Claude Monney Joins Keeeb’s Board

Keeeb further strengthens its leadership by welcoming former Microsoft Chief Knowledge Officer Jean-Claude Monney to its board of directors. Monney has been a pioneer in the field of knowledge management for more than 20 years and today is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in digital workplace transformation.

In addition to his leadership roles at Microsoft and other technology companies, Monney is widely sought after as a speaker by organizations such as The World Bank and NASA. He plays a key role in the World Economic Forum’s Digital and Society Global Innovation initiative and advises their Strategic Intelligence team. As co-founder of The Monney Group, he coaches a wide range of corporations, start-ups, and nonprofits on digital transformation.

Keeeb board chair Richard Harrington, former CEO of Thomson Reuters, comments that: “Jean-Claude is not only a true visionary, he has a remarkable track record of implementing his vision to drive major transformation. He is one of those rare leaders who is equally accomplished as a thinker and a doer.”

“I am attracted to Keeeb because we share the same innovative vision of flowing instant, relevant knowledge to people,” says Monney, “and because the leadership team is exceptionally strong. It’s an ideal match: my knowledge, experiences, and network will augment theirs, and I will learn from them as well.”

“I am excited to draw upon Jean-Claude’s unparalleled expertise,” says Keeeb CEO Paul Maguire, “as we drive the next generation of our knowledge flow platform and enable our clients to seamlessly unleash the collective intelligence of their enterprises.”

About Keeeb: Keeeb helps companies increase the pace of innovation, improve decision making, and drive overall competitiveness by accelerating the flow of knowledge within the enterprise. Keeeb’s knowledge flow platform combines search, collection, and collaboration software to transform how employees find, use, and share relevant knowledge across all connected internal and external data sources – instantly and automatically.

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