Catalyst Announces Strategic Investment from Databricks Ventures

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Catalyst, the leading platform to drive growth through your customers, announced it has received a strategic investment from Databricks Ventures. 

This marks Databricks Ventures’ first investment in customer growth technology, showcasing their belief that customer intelligence data is essential for businesses to generate more revenue.

“Catalyst is at the forefront of evangelizing customer-led growth and has seen firsthand the power and flexibility Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform offers for delivering value with data, analytics and AI,” said Chris Hecht, SVP, Corporate Development and Product Partnerships. “By leveraging Databricks platform for their product, and having a first class integration with the Lakehouse, Catalyst is demonstrating the power of both building on Databricks and unlocking the value of data with our mutual customers, an obvious opportunity for Databricks Ventures that we’re thrilled to support.”

In addition to this investment, Catalyst will also deepen the product integration with Databricks. This will enable Catalyst customers to integrate directly with the data stored in their own Databricks Lakehouse to power the analytics offered by Catalyst. This simplifies the user experience and enables customers to get more value from their existing investments in Catalyst and Databricks.

With Catalyst’s actionable workflows and UI powered by Databricks analytics, businesses will be able to unify customer data into one, comprehensive platform—driving stronger predictability and increasing net dollar retention.

“In this economic environment, customers are the number one asset to protect, expand, and multiply through data-driven automations,” said Edward Chiu, CEO of Catalyst. “By combining Databricks’ advanced analytics with Catalyst’s enterprise integrations and powerful workflows, organizations will now be able to tackle the most critical revenue gap facing businesses today: proactive customer retention and expansion.”

About Catalyst

Catalyst is the leading platform to drive growth through your customers. Trusted by top revenue leaders at global B2B brands, Catalyst guides Sales and Success teams to turn customers into your number one engine for growth.

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About Databricks Ventures

Databricks Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Databricks, the data and AI company. Databricks Ventures invests in innovative companies that align with our view of the future for data, analytics and AI; and are committed to extending the lakehouse ecosystem or using the lakehouse architecture to create the next generation of data and AI-powered companies.