What Does Thriving Mean for Older Immigrants in Los Angeles?

For hundreds of years, those who left their home countries for the United States could agree with the xenophobes fighting to keep them out on one thing: faith in the American Dream.

This unique social adhesive, which promised success and fortune for anyone who sought it, drew millions of immigrants from all over the world to US shores and population centers. California, especially, offered a prominent landing zone for many such travelers. The state now has the county’s largest immigration population, counting 10.5 million in 2021.

The State of Immigrants in LA County 2022 report by USC Dornsife found that as many as one out of every three residents in Los Angeles County are immigrants. Of this, more than two in three immigrants in the county are Asian American and about two in five are Latinx. Over four in five of the county’s immigrant population have resided in the US for over a decade.