MatrixSpace Adds Glenn Spears and Robert Hipwell to its Advisory Board

MatrixSpace announces the addition of Lieutenant General Glenn Spears, US Air Force (retired), and Brigadier General Robert Hipwell, Ph.D, US Army (retired), to its Advisory Board, strengthening its engagement with the defense sector.

MatrixSpace’s mission is to offer real-time AI edge-based sensing with the ability to detect and track multiple types of objects in any situation. Combining industry leading sensing, AI edge processing and RF communication in real-time is a major technology breakthrough that will reinvent business models across multiple vertical market applications, in particular the defense and public safety industry. The recently announced MatrixSpace Radar is the foundational product of this open architecture sensing platform.

Glenn Spears

A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and U.S. Naval War College, Glenn served in the U.S. Air Force for over 33 years as a pilot and commander. He commanded from squadron to numbered Air Force, in peacetime and combat, flying 16 types of military and commercial-derivative aircraft. He also led in service and Combatant Command headquarters. His active-duty service culminated as the commander of both Air Forces Southern and Twelfth Air Force.

Glenn brings decades of successful leadership in public and private sector organizations to match customer requirements with his clients’ capabilities and products in his role as advisor to aerospace, defense and technology companies. Additionally, Glenn provides peer reviews to the Institute for Defense Analyses and is a member of several industry advisory and veteran service organization boards.

Robert Hipwell, Ph.D.

Robert served in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves, and Army National Guard, and deployed to many remote locations throughout the world during his military career while still completing civilian work responsibilities at both Cisco and Lockheed. Robert also holds a Ph.D. and graduated from the U.S. Army War College. After being promoted to Brigadier General he was selected to command a Military Police Brigade and served many tours in support of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Today, Robert is a strong advocate for our military, veterans and first responders, working with those organizations across the United States on effective teamwork and leadership, and how to increase profitability and success while inspiring each other, sponsors and their respective communities.

Quote from Greg Waters, co-founder and CEO, MatrixSpace

“Glenn and Roberts’ expertise, both at the strategic and practical levels, is critical for us to truly understand the complex and fast-moving challenges the Armed Forces face around the globe. The massive scale of their complex operations combined with the very precise level of data they demand presents a unique challenge. Having both of their expert perspectives provides a critical, valuable voice in helping us better understand this sector’s needs.”

Quote from Glenn Spears

“MatrixSpace leads the way in developing and delivering effective battlespace-sensing solutions for our warfighters. I’m pleased to be able to help them provide these capabilities to protect our troops.”

Quote from Robert Hipwell

“MatrixSpace has the potential to enhance safety and security while delivering a viable and cost-effective force protection enhancement throughout our military both here at home and in potential hostile environments around the world.”

About MatrixSpace

MatrixSpace is re-imagining radar. We are addressing the next generation of AI-enabled sensing so that objects can be identified, and data collected in real-time – no cloud access required. We’re building the smallest radar system to provide new levels of integrated outdoor surveillance in 4D (the size, location, and movement of objects in time) that makes it accessible to a broad range of public and private enterprises. MatrixSpace was a finalist in AUVSI’s XCELLENCE Awards 2023 for XCELLENCE in Technology – Enabling Components & Peripherals.