ClearCam Announces the Closing of its $2.6M Seed Series 2 Round of Funding

ClearCam Inc., the company dedicated to maximizing clinician vision and skill in the operating room, has today announced the closing of $2.6M in seed round funding.

ClearCam, founded in 2018, invented and is manufacturing the Kelling Device (Kelling); a simple, mechanical, and efficient disposable in-vivo laparoscopic lens cleaner that eliminates the need for clinicians to continually remove the scope from the patient’s body to clean it during surgery. Kelling allows surgeons to maintain their visual field throughout the case thereby reducing frustration from interruptions. Surgeons can focus solely on the procedure and on the patient and utilize today’s high resolution and advanced minimally-invasive technologies as they are meant to.

Receiving FDA clearance in February of 2020, combined with rapid advances in manufacturing capability and an eager set of early customers, ClearCam was able to raise a highly sought-after seed round that quickly became oversubscribed.

The round was led by successful Austin and Houston investor and entrepreneur Frank Barbella, CEO of SOLv Risk Solutions.

“Receiving the support of our investors, new and returning, and particularly during this tumultuous time of COVID-19, accelerates our mission to improve clinician visualization in the OR” stated Dr. John Uecker, CEO and co-founder of ClearCam. “We will be in human cases in early September and strategically expanding into the market later this fall, it is a thrilling time for the team.”

Frank Barbella, who also led the Seed Series “1” round in 2018, added “I have been so impressed with the level of discipline and execution the team has shown over the past two years. This team has gone from an idea to an FDAcleared product, that they are manufacturing, in 24 months. They are also advancing their product line. It is a team I’m proud to support and be a part of.”

ClearCam, while presently focused on launching Kelling into the market, is also developing their “Galaxie” solution to address the same issue of scope cleaning in the robotic surgery market.

“We have been delighted by the interest of the medical community in our product and we are driving to meet that demand as quickly as we can,” said Doug Stoakley, President, COO, and co-founder of ClearCam. “Our investors have just enabled us to rapidly deliver Kelling to market and still develop new technologies that address the explosive robotic surgery market- we couldn’t be more appreciative.”

About ClearCam™ Inc.

ClearCam™ Inc. is dedicated to improving laparoscopic surgery patient outcomes by reducing surgical team frustration, shortening surgical procedures, and lowering costs by maximizing the visualization platform. ClearCam is a proud affiliate/alum of the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, The Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and their Innovation Center, The Texas Health Catalyst, The Austin Technology Incubator, and the MedTech Innovator Accelerator. Currently ClearCam has labs and offices at MedtoMarket ( and a cleanroom at the ACC Bioscience Incubator in Austin, Texas. They can be contacted at​