Stacklok Raises $17.5M in Series A

Stacklok, a Seattle, WA-based provider of open-source software supply chain security solutions, raised $17.5M in Series A funding.

The backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to bring enterprise-grade security solutions to developers actively working with open-source software.

Led by CEO Craig McLuckie, and CTO Luke Hinds, Stacklok leverages open-source projects like sigstore to deliver enterprise-grade solutions which integrate within common development environments to:

1) Help developers understand and mitigate risks in their day-to-day work in both their tool choices and their code dependencies.

2) Integrate a tamper-proof ledger for development teams that enables them to generate ‘proof’ of their best practices.

3) Enable operations teams to make policy decisions on what software may be deployed to a production environment based on an understanding of how it was produced, and communicate those needs clearly back to developers who are building the software.