This Self-taught Systems Engineer Builds on his Knowledge Alongside a Values-driven Team at Fastmail

For Macon Gambill, his interest in an engineering career was piqued when he downloaded the open-source operating system Linux onto his personal device as an alternative to Windows. At the time, he was working as a business analyst without on-paper tech experience, but he knew he wanted to grow his coding skills and find a place where he can work alongside value-driven people and be challenged to grow.

A few certification programs, programming books and hours of practice later were only the start. Gambill wanted to learn more in a hands-on setting where he was working as a part of a team. After demonstrating his capabilities and showcasing how his values aligned with the team’s, Gambill joined Fastmail as a systems engineer in August 2022.

Fastmail is a subscription-based, ad-free email provider that protects customers’ data from solicitors. The Australian company went global after acquiring Philly-based email service Pobox in 2015. Pobox was founded in 1995 by then-Penn student Helen Horstmann-Allen, who is now the COO of Fastmail.