Ofinno Appoints Kavon Nasabzadeh as CEO

Ofinno, LLC, a research and development lab pioneering innovation in wireless communication and video coding technologies, today announced the appointment of Kavon Nasabzadeh to the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective May 5, 2023. Dr. Esmael Dinan, who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ofinno since founding the company in 2011, will transition to Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, Dr. Dinan will lead Ofinno’s talented team of expert researchers, with a focus on strengthening Ofinno’s position as a leader in the standards arena and setting the strategic direction of its research efforts.

“I am excited to welcome Kavon Nasabzadeh as the new CEO of Ofinno. Kavon is one of the most competent executives in the patent industry.” said Dr. Dinan. “I look forward to working with Kavon in continuing on Ofinno’s path toward one of the leading technology labs in the world.”

Dr. Dinan continues, “This transition allows me to focus on my true passion of research and innovation. Kavon is a tremendous leader with excellent business acumen. I have every confidence that Kavon will continue to expand Ofinno’s record of innovation and growth.”

Mr. Nasabzadeh stated, “I am honored to have been given this opportunity to take on the CEO role and am eager to advance the strategy Dr. Dinan has created for the company. I look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the technology and IP they need to advance their commercial strategies as we have done for the past decade.” Mr. Nasabzadeh has served as the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Ofinno. During his tenure at Ofinno, Mr. Nasabzadeh was responsible for all aspects of Ofinno’s worldwide IP operations, including portfolio management and strategic patent monetization.

About Ofinno, LLC

Ofinno, LLC, is a research lab based in Northern Virginia that specializes in inventing and patenting future technologies. Ofinno’s research involves video and wireless communication technologies. Ofinno’s inventions have an impressive utilization rate and have been adopted by the standards at the center of advancement of these technologies. Our innovators not only create the technologies, they oversee the entire process from design to the time the technology is sold.  For more information about Ofinno, please visit www.ofinno.com.