U.S. Federal Agency Purchases Industry-leading, End-to-end, Digital Intelligence and Analytics Platform from Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence announced today that its cutting-edge, digital intelligence platform and crime analysis solution, the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), has been purchased and implemented by a U.S. Federal Agency (USFA). This USFA was looking for a way to rapidly and accurately identify individuals under investigation. The search capability within the CIS, which makes use of our built-in data aggregation engine, provided the fastest and most accurate results for data when aggregated in real time across social media and consented data sources.

The CIS is designed to help investigators and analysts streamline their workflow, mitigate time consuming tasks, and collaborate more effectively. The platform provides tools for data attainment, enrichment, cleansing, entity recognition and mapping, allowing users to undertake complex digital investigations. The built-in reports and case management functionality complete the set of tools that allow users to execute the full life-cycle of an investigation within a single pane of glass.

Neil Chivers, CEO of Chorus Intelligence said: “We are delighted that the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) has been purchased by this USFA. The implementation was rapid, with benefits being delivered within days, which is testament to the knowledge and work ethic of the Chorus team along with the vision of this prestigious client. There is wider potential for many other users to access the CIS within this agency and in the wider federal market.”

This U.S. Federal Agency, one of the largest in the United States, has joined an increasing number of law enforcement agencies setting a precedent for intelligence-led digital investigations through the implementation and use of the CIS. For more information, visit: www.chorusintel.com/us.

About Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence is a trusted supplier of data cleansing, analysis, search and entity enrichment software for law enforcement, government agencies, financial and corporate institutions across the globe. Made up of one platform and a single user interface, the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) can be used by all, no matter your role, to get answers from your data. Founded in 2011, Chorus is used by most agencies in the UK and many North American agencies. Be empowered at every stage of an investigation to confidently turn data into intelligence and evidence. chorusintel.com