citybiz+ Blu Venture Investors Co-Leads $4.5 Million Seed Round for Aiden Technologies

Vienna, Va.-based Blu Venture Investors and Right Side Capital Management have co-led a $4.5 million second seed round for Aiden Technologies, a Texas startup that has developed technology to automate software deployment on Windows networks. Right Side was the largest investor in Aiden’s initial round of funding in 2021, when it raised $2.9 million in the previous seed round.

“Aiden has a dramatic impact on the cybersecurity posture of organizations that rely on Windows,” said Bikram Bakshi, a partner at Blu Venture Investors. “It provides true automation for proactively identifying and patching vulnerabilities — doing so much more quickly, effectively, and efficiently than the processes companies use today.”

Aiden’s customers span various sectors including investment. They include large asset managers in the private equity industry, hedge funds and law firms. The McKinney, Texas-headquartered company’s automated platform helped a global biotech company save $2.6 million and reduce downtime by 90%, according to a case study on the company’s website.

“Aiden is revolutionizing the way software is packaged and deployed in the Windows ecosystem — solving a long list of pain points for IT teams, reducing risk, and greatly improving end-user experience with technology,” said Aiden CEO Josh Aaron.

“We will soon take an even bigger leap by delivering major advancements in our solution that make it nearly effortless for Windows-based organizations to be successful and secure with Microsoft Modern Management, Intune & SCCM, and eliminate the need for third-party software deployment tools,” he added.

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Blu Venture Nears Landmark
Blu Venture, founded in 2010, has invested nearly $100 million in over 80 startups, focusing on SaaS and technology ventures. Its most recent fund of $25 million was raised last year. Blu’s portfolio investments this year include Tidal Cyber, TCARE, Spin Technology, Pearl and CYBERA.

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J.S. Gamble, one of the firm’s founders, serves as its managing partner. He previously worked at consulting firms McKinsey and Price Waterhouse. Gamble briefly served as acting CEO of Smart Imaging Systems, and has been an adviser to several portfolio companies. He is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Right Side, based in San Francisco, has made over 1,000 portfolio investments and about 200 exits. Its recent investments include Benefitbay, Retrievables, Vector ML Analytics and Dropslab Technologies.