Plain Water Sucks. 23-yr Old Brand Wyler’s Light Appeals to Younger Consumer in New Ad Campaign

Denver-based Indie Agency Good Conduct’s First Creative and Strategy Work for the Brand Focuses on Reaching New Audiences with CTV, Social, Print, and OOH

Wyler’s Light new creative campaign highlights the idea that plain water is just that—

plain. While it may be what the doctor ordered, plain water isn’t very exciting. The campaign was created by Denver-based agency Good Conduct.

Good Conduct began working with Wyler’s Light parent The Jel Sert Company in November of 2022, and this is the indie shop’s first creative campaign for the brand. It is also the first national ad campaign for Wyler’s Light, as the company sets its sights on drawing in new fans and building a long-lasting affinity among younger consumers for its refreshing sugar-free drink mixes.

The characters in the campaign are introduced living a drab, monochromatic existence, but as they add Wyler’s Light to their plain water, their boring world transforms dramatically through literal explosions of color, flavor and excitement. Shot using a high-speed Phantom camera, mesmerizing visual representations of the drink flavors engulf the characters, blowing them away with a new way to hydrate all day featuring great taste and additional essential vitamins but without the extra calories. The ad culminates with the campaign tagline “Blow plain water out of the water.” This :30 spot, along with :15 versions, will run beginning in April across CTV networks, YouTube and social channels in the U.S. The full campaign will also include print and out-of-home creative executions.

“Hydration these days is part of life, and many people have a goal of drinking up to a gallon of water a day to stay healthy. But honestly, it can be both a chore and a bore. So, we decided to lean into that by showing how trying something new can change the way you experience the world around you. We wanted to illustrate the idea that adding a little excitement and flavor can enhance people’s lives in a super-fun way, transforming them with a blast of color the same way that Wyler’s Light transforms the water in your water bottle,” said Rob Lewis, co-founder and executive creative director of Good Conduct.

“Visually and metaphorically the idea of these flavor blasts are perfectly linked to the Wyler’s Light brand promise. The lighthearted, fun and exciting creative really reflects what people get from our product. We want to be that boost that helps people get away from monotony in their lives. Even if it just starts with their water,” said Kyle Harrington, The Jel Sert Company senior director of Marketing.

Wyler’s Light

:30 Blow Plain Water Out of the Water

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:15 Skater Girl

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:15 Dad

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:15 Business Woman

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:15 Commuter

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About Wyler’s Light

Sip into something colorful with Wyler’s Light. Our fantastic fruit flavors with just-the-right sweetness turn ordinary water into an extraordinary treat. You can bring your hydration into high definition with a burst of flavor from your favorite Wyler’s Light drink mix. Our never-boring, always-refreshing flavors offer a wide variety of options to add a dash of colorful flavor to life. At the same time, we’re sugar-free, gluten-free, low calorie, and we pack a burst of vitamin C in each serving. An easy drink mix that you and the whole family will enjoy. Wyler’s Light wants you to live your best, most colorful life, full of joy, spontaneity and delicious tastes. When life gives you lemonade, let Wyler’s Light help you live on the vivid side.

About The Jel Sert Company

The Jel Sert Company is a family-owned business that’s been at the forefront of innovation in the food and beverage industry since 1926. For nearly a century, generations of families have enjoyed Jel Sert’s products, including dessert mixes, drink mixes and freezer bars. The Jel Sert Company’s products are made exclusively in West Chicago, Illinois, with more than 1,000 employees sharing the company’s passion for creating high-quality, high-value products. For more information, visit

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