Nimbio Partners With Grata Life

Nimbio, a patented, low-cost cellular solution that enables every gate and buzzer door to be opened with a cell phone, announces a new partnership with Grata, a Smart Living Operating System (SLOS) for multi-residential properties, including apartments, off-campus student housing, and condos. The Grata SLOS brings buildings into the future with smart technology. Combined with Nimbio’s hardware, Grata is a full end-to-end solution that allows residents to use a single credential to unlock gates, front doors, side doors, common spaces and even unit front doors—all with one easy-to-use app that has a seamless interface for property managers.

According to a nationwide National Apartment Association amenity survey, 84% of renters in the marketplace say they want smart home tech in their units.

“Smart home technology, including access control, has become very affordable—enabling properties to enhance their infrastructure and provide new amenities to their residents without a major capital investment,” said Elaine Haney, CEO of Nimbio.

Grata has cracked the code on mobile engagement in multifamily buildings and now, with Nimbio, can easily provide residents and operators with an all-in-one, plug-and-play technology solution to turn older apartment, condo and student housing buildings into Smart Living buildings. Grata’s SuperApp allows residents and property managers to stay connected with one place for building announcements, rent payments, service requests and keyless entries.

“Grata partnering with Nimbio provides a unique offering to multifamily properties with garden-style assets, gated communities and walk-ups,” said Troy Crema, CEO & Co-Founder of Grata. “Together, this will allow residents and property managers to trigger every access point in their community through the Grata SuperApp, ultimately leading to an amazing living experience, substantial operational efficiency and more revenue. This will have a major impact on multifamily retrofits across the USA and Canada. Exciting times ahead!”

The combined Nimbio and Grata solution optimizes digital experiences for residents and property managers, while eliminating costly key replacements and operational inefficiencies.

“Nimbio is excited to pair with Grata to blend a state-of-the-art SLOS with durable, low-cost, easy-to-use hardware to help modernize existing access control systems,” said Haney. “The partnership is allowing both companies to extend our respective product lines in important ways that will create incremental value for our customers.”