Beth Rowles Todd Elevated to Principal of DBI Architects

DBI Architects is pleased to announce that Beth Rowles Todd, IIDA, LEED AP has been elevated to the level of Principal of the firm. She joins President Al Storm and Principals Roseanne Beattie and Michael Hartman in the senior-most level of management at DBI.

In commemorating Beth’s elevation, Al Storm noted that in the firm’s 50 year history, this marks only the second time a Principal has been added to the management team.

“It is my great honor to make this announcement,” Al said. “Over the course of her twenty-five years with DBI, Beth has, without hesitation, been an excellent leader. She has been – and continues to be – a leader in corporate and staffing operations. She has major responsibility for DBI’s Interiors sector, and co-responsibility for our Federal Government Security System sector. Beth has been Design Leader on many major projects. This marks very important milestone for Beth, and the Firm.”

Beth has been a mainstay at DBI since 1998, when she came on-board fresh from Virginia Tech with her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Over the years, she specialized in the renovation and modernization of workspaces for federal agencies and private sector clients, including developers, building managers, and government contractors. An industry authority on tenant improvements and services, she expertly manages all aspects of her projects, accomplishing their objectives through meticulous team and schedule coordination. Her projects, often large scale and highly complex, involve a broad range of building types, as well as extensive consultant coordination, and frequently require phased renovations for occupied spaces.

Beth attributes her achievement to the support she has received, over the course of her tenure at DBI. “My success is due in large part to the encouragement, loyalty, and agency I’ve received here,” she said. “My teams – the people I’ve worked with, and the management above me have enabled me in everything I’ve done.”

Beth said the things she enjoys most about her work are “working with clients, learning about companies, how they work, and that initial puzzle about how their space is going to fit and function for them, and then watching those ideas come to life.”

She looks forward to remaining hands-on and involved in all aspects of the design while bringing her lifetime of professional experience to bear, setting up DBI for success for another 50 years.

About DBI Architects

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