ETC Baltimore Quietly Replaced its Longtime Leader. Now, it’s Launching a Strategic Planning Process with an Outside Firm

By Sameer Rao & Alanah Nichole Davis

Emerging Technology Centers’ (ETC Baltimore) longtime executive director and president Deb Tillett has left her role for still-unclear reasons and created a leadership void at the Highlandtown coworking space and startup incubation hub.

Tillett led ETC for about 10 years. During that time, ETC partnered with to launch Baltimore Innovation Week before taking on its primary organizing role; helped launch several entrepreneurial careers by offering affordable coworking space; and made an early case for Baltimore’s entrepreneurial economy before more historic corporations put their foot in it.

Put simply: ETC and Tillett sat at the center of tremendous economic evolution. Yet neither she nor the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), which counts ETC among its principal ventures, publicly announced her October 2022 departure until this week.