How Can Tech Make an Impact on the Nonprofit Sphere?

At first glance, the tech industry’s sleek image and the granola-heavy nonprofit world don’t immediately go hand in hand.

But, as technologists and nonprofit leaders alike gleaned at the IMAGINE: Nonprofit conference, which Amazon Web Services (AWS) presented Tuesday at Capital Turnaround, there’s plenty of overlap. In fact, the nonprofit world has plenty to gain from the time-saving aspects of tech — especially given its potential for execution at an international scale.

As most panelists noted, one big place the two sectors can meet is in the world of data. For Ryan Fetterman, a security strategist at Splunk, nonprofits need to embrace tech innovation by assessing and defining what makes their organization or mission unique. From there, they can understand the critical assets and functions of the organization, as well as what data sources support these insights; that’s where organizations can find what data they need most.