RONN Motor Group Merge with Lee Pharmaceuticals

Lee Pharmaceuticals (OTC: LPHM) announced on February 16, 2023, that RONN Motor Group would go public through a reverse triangular merger with Lee Pharmaceuticals.

Today, RONN Motor Group announced all significant filings have been completed, including the u-1 filing, which can be viewed at,

RONN Motor Group is a multi-National hydrogen solution company that innovates mobility, stationary, and marine applications.

RONN Motor Group created one of the first hydrogen-assisted supercars in 2008 and has been active in the automotive space for many years. After seeing the need for clean energy globally, in many applications besides automotive, RONN Motor Group is changing the Company’s name to highlight a broader vision of the future and its 15-year focus on the hydrogen economy.

RONN Motor Group will be submitting the application for a corporate name change to “RONN” along with a ticker change, but their iconic logo will remain.

“We believe hydrogen solutions can make a significant difference in a cleaner future beyond just mobility,” Ronn Ford, CEO & Founder of RONN.

Additionally, Mr. Ford stated the Company’s form 10 submission had begun; noted RONN plans to complete their S-1in 2023, which was delayed in 2022 due to market conditions.The S-1 will be completed with updated financials to focus an up list when market conditions improve.

“After many years of following RONN, I am excited to participate in the new season of growth with the companyentering into their revenue stage,” John Morgan, former CEO of LPHM and member of the RONN executive team. John added that he would be on the transition team to move from the OTC to OTCQB and onto NASDAQ.