GoLogiq to Acquire CPG

NEW YORK, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GoLogiq, Inc. (OTC:GOLQ), a U.S.-based global provider of fintech and consumer data analytics, has signed a mutual non-binding letter of intent to acquire Sydney-based CPG Research & Advisory, a leading global provider of independent investment consulting services.

CPG is expected to bring to GoLogiq more than 30 years of experience as an independent investment advisor and asset consultant. The firm provides comprehensive customized solutions to a broad range of institutional investors, including superannuation funds, insurers, local authorities, government agencies, sovereign funds, family offices and government institutions, and firms that service the wealth management sector.

CPG’s highly experienced team of financial specialist and analysts provide professional investment and wealth management advice to clients across Australia and internationally to countries such as Bahrain and New Zealand.

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, GoLogiq will acquire 51% of CPG in an all-stock transaction. GoLogiq would issue common shares to CPG shareholders valued at $15 million. The parties anticipate the acquisition to close in the second quarter of 2023.

“As part of a global-oriented public company, we see greater opportunities to accelerate our growth and attract a larger client base of major institutions across the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia, as well as enter new markets in S.E. Asia and North America,” stated CPG CEO, Andrew Vallner. “In addition to more favorable access to growth capital, we believe the prestige and transparency of a U.S. publicly traded company will open doors and provide a competitive advantage, as well as help us attract top talent from our industry.”

CPG will bring GoLogiq advanced research and advice capabilities powered by sophisticated research technology that is complementary to GoLogiq’s expanding Fintech platform.

According to Brent Suen, interim CEO of GoLoqiq, stated: “This proposed merger represents our first entrance into research advisory and asset consulting for large institutional investors. CPG’s growing international presence and advanced research technology complements and rounds out our global offerings of comprehensive Fintech products and services for individuals and SMBs. We also see tremendous opportunities to help CPG expand its client base into new markets.”

The CPG letter of intent follows GoLogiq’s recent acquisition of GammaRey, which brought to GoLogiq a profitable business driven by an estimated $20 million annualized revenue run rate and nearly $800 million in customer financial assets. It also introduced a pipeline of accretive and/or tech-enabling acquisition targets, including Nest Egg and now CPG.

GoLogiq recently announced it entered into a definitive $30 million merger agreement with Nest Egg, which will soon launch a new easy-to-use retirement investing app. The app offers a streamlined AI-powered solution for discovering, planning, and automating retirement savings, including investment products and services offered by Nest Egg’s FINRA-licensed broker dealer.

GoLogiq recently reported that it has begun the process of applying to list on a senior U.S. stock exchange. The listing would be subject to approval based on several factors, including satisfaction of minimum listing requirements. The company believes it meets the reporting, governance and quantitative requirements, including net shareholder equity and market capitalization.

While the company expects that the CPG transaction will be completed as anticipated, a definitive agreement has yet to be signed and no assurances can be given it will be executed or the transaction will be completed as described.

When mutually signed, additional details of the definitive agreement will be made available in a Form 8-K to be filed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on www.sec.gov as well as on the investor section of GoLogiq’s website.

About CPG Research & Advisory
For 30 years, CPG Research & Advisory Pty Ltd has been a leading provider of independent investment advisory services, offering comprehensive customized solutions to a broad range of institutional investors, including superannuation funds, insurers, local authorities, government agencies, universities, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, and firms that service the wealth management sector.

Headquartered in Sydney and with offices in Perth, CPG services clients across Australia, as well as in Bahrain and New Zealand. CPG is widely regarded as Australia’s foremost researcher of enhanced cash investment. To learn more, go to cpgadvisory.com.au.

About GoLogiq
GoLogiq Inc. is a US-based global provider of fintech and mobile solutions for digital transformation and consumer data analytics. Its software platforms are comprised of CreateApp, a mobile app development and publishing platform for small-to-medium sized businesses; AtozGo™, a ‘hyper-local’ app-based delivery platform; AtozPay™, an eWallet for mobile top-up, e-commerce purchases, bill payment and microfinance; and Radix™, a Big Data analytics platform. Visit the company at gologiq.com or follow on twitter: $GOLQ and @gologiq.