In Honor of Equal Pay Day, Here’s How to Navigate your Next Compensation Discussion

Women working in tech likely don’t need a reminder that gender-based inequities persist in the industry, but on Equal Pay Day, the issue is brought to the surface.

March 14 is Equal Pay Day, symbolizing how far into the next year women have to work to make the same as male counterparts the year before. Notably, this date only marks this discrepancy for white women. Women of color face larger pay gaps: Latinx women made about 57 cents for every white man’s dollar in 2019, and Black women made about 64 cents to the dollar.

Pay inequity is at the center of Joslyn Ewart’s work at The Forum of Executive Women. In her day job, Ewart is the founder of Wayne-based Entrust Financial, which helps clients with investment management, wealth and retirement planning, strategic business planning, and a host of other financial services. But she found herself often wanting to work with and educate women seeking out financial knowledge — “women so often don’t have the kind of financial expertise that they need,” she told