South Florida Entrepreneur Jason Silver To Launch RockitShip

South Florida entrepreneur Jason Silver founded CTI Consulting in 1998 and continues to grow the company as one of South Florida’s top technology solution and staffing providers. Even after 25 years in business, CTI is experiencing rapid expansion and innovation – doubling revenue over the past two years – while opening a highly-profitable software development and staffing subsidiary in Latin America and taking strategic advantage of South Florida’s stature as a global tech hub.

But like so many entrepreneurs, Silver is ready to boldly go into a new venture, and he has RockitShip ready to launch.

RockitShip is a warehouse management software platform created to serve small to medium ecommerce companies with “Silicon Valley type innovation and style logistics” to bring large-scale automation to their warehouse shipping environment.

RockitShip’s cloud-based software solutions will fully automate the picking, packing, shipping, tracking and inventory management at a company’s warehouse.  Designed for small and medium sized ecommerce companies, the new software will help scale-up and operate warehouse operations more efficiently and profitably by cutting down on errors, reducing staff, and implementing best practices across the board.

Scheduled to go live in the second quarter of 2023, Silver says he has a “simple” goal with RockitShip: to create the best warehouse management software this world has ever seen.  His RockitShip co-founders include Saud Juman, and Joel Gandara, who is an ecommerce/fulfillment expert, owner of more than 20 apparel brands and fellow member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida (EO SOFLO).

EO SOFLO is one of the world’s largest EO chapters, with 300 business owners who share peer-to-peer experiences, support one another and foster entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. EO SOFLO member companies account for more than $1 billion in yearly revenues and 11,000 jobs in this region.

Silver joined EO SOFLO five years ago. Even after running his own multi-million-dollar company for more than two decades, delivering technology staff and solutions to iconic South Florida brands and Fortune 100 giants, he credits EO with helping him greatly improve foundational business operations and run his companies better.

“There’s an immense amount of collective knowledge, wisdom and peer-level experience available,” says Silver, who currently serves as the Palm Beach and Broward County Learning Chair on the EO SOFLO Board.  “No matter what type of issue or opportunity you might face, personal or professional, there is someone who already has been in that circumstance and can share valuable insights.”

In addition, Silver says, socializing and closely sharing experiences with so many highly successful entrepreneurs creates motivation to “up our own game.”

“Jason is an incredible innovator.  He’s truly a shining entrepreneur star who contributes so much to make our chapter one of the best in the world,” said Lil Roberts, EO SOFLO president and founder of Xendoo online bookkeeping and accounting platform. “We have no doubt he and Joel will propel RockitShip to meteoric success.”

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