Dominari Holdings Provides Business Update

Dominari Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: DOMH) today reported a key business update for its shareholders.

The Company reported that on March 13, 2023, the Company purchased 3,400 shares of common stock at an average price of $4.1143 per share.

Anthony Hayes, CEO of Dominari, stated, “Since the inception of our previously announced stock buy-back plan, the Company has retired over 644,000 shares of common stock, bringing the total number of issued and outstanding shares to below 4.9 million shares. With our Company trading below our last reported book value per share, we view the stock buyback as an attractive use of our shareholders’ capital. Every share that we buy back and retire increases each of our shareholders’ respective ownership interest in the Company’s assets.”

Mr. Hayes continued, “The transition of our primary business to fintech and financial services continues. We have been working with FieldPoint and FINRA to complete the previously announced purchase of FieldPoint’s broker-dealer business, and we hope to get final approval soon. Once this transaction is approved, we believe that our team of investment professionals will have a cutting-edge advantage, with access to top technological products. We believe that the technology platform developed by the Company will provide real time market data and portfolio performance metrics that can help our clients uncover opportunities in a wide array of economic conditions.”

“Dominari is investing heavily in technology to create a powerful suite of financial solutions which will offer unparalleled access to premier fintech products. Once the Company receives FINRA approval to complete its pending acquisition, we will continue to expand on our vision to build a leading financial services company focused on delivering value to both our customers and shareholders.”

About Dominari Holdings Inc.

Dominari Holdings Inc. (f/k/a Aikido Pharma Inc.) until recently was focused primarily on the development of a diverse portfolio of small-molecule anticancer and antiviral therapeutics and related patent technology. In September 2022, the Company agreed to acquire a registered broker-dealer and transition its primary business operations to fintech and financial services.  Upon the final closing of this acquisition, the Company’s fintech and financial services business will be operated through its subsidiary, Dominari Financial Inc. The Company continues to develop its therapeutics and related patent technology, as well as other ventures, through its subsidiary, Aikido Labs, LLC.